Contributions by the survivors, the rescuers and other persons who supplied articles and stories for this website is very much appreciated. These contributors (some now deceased) are listed below. Information and photographs obtained from websites, reports, books and submissions are listed in the next section, titled 'Sources'.


Arthur Athans

Arthur contributed his story of the evacuation of Castellorizo right through to the sinking of the Empire Patrol and subsequent return to a new refugee camp.


Doctor Paul E Boyatzis

Doctor Paul Boyatzis tells his story of all the events associated with the sinking of the Empire Patrol.


Katina Verevis (nee Simonides)

Katina accounts her experiences during the bombing, camp life and the sinking of the Empire Patrol. She also wrote a poem about the disaster with Maria Kyriakou Louka (nee Savva). See 'Poems' section.


Nicholas Loucas

Nick gives an account of the bombing of Castellorizo, the fire aboard the Empire Patrol and his rescue.


Evangelia Mallis (nee Boyatzis)

Evangelia talks of abandoning the Empire Patrol and her rescue.


Zabetta Boyatzis (nee Gabriel)

Zabetta talks about life in Nuseirat.


Emeritus Professor John M Papadimitriou

John gives an account of life in Port Said and his hearing of the disaster and the support given to the survivors by his family and other Castellorizians living in Egypt.


Evdokia Agapitou (nee Mihalaki)

Evdokia accounts her experiences of the departure from Castellorizo, life at the Nuseirat camp and the death of Michael Mihalakis and Zambetta Exindaris.


Maria Hatzikyriacos (nee Papanastasiou)

Maria accounts her experiences during the bombing, the evacuation to Kas and later Cyprus and of her voyage to Australia on the ship Misr. Her recollections have been compiled by her son, Nicholas Kyriacos.


Maria Kyriakou Louka (nee Savva)

Maria wrote a poem about the disaster with Katina Verevis (nee Simonides). See 'Poems' section.


George K Bafitis

George wrote a poem about the sinking of the Empire Patrol. See 'Poems' section.

Michael Houlis

Michael talks of being in the water after abandoning the Empire Patrol.



John Karayannis

John tells of his rescue by launch ME 9.


Maurice Conway (Crew Member of HMS Trouncer)
Resident of Western Australia

Maurice tells of the rescue attempts to save the refugees in the water.


William (Bill) Hay (Crew Member HM Submarine Spark)
Resident of Western Australia

Bill discusses the rescue by his submarine of a boy on a raft in the water and his return to HMS Trouncer.


Finally a special very big thanks to our wives, Terri Boyatzis and Jean Cresswell, for the assistance, patience and encouragement during the production of this website. Their understanding of the motivation and the driving forces behind the need to deliver such a website, their approval of the many late hours absence whilst peering over a computer monitor, plus the support for the required numerous meetings by Paul and Allan over coffee is so very much appreciated. Well done girls!

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