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Embers On The Sea - The Empire Patrol Disaster, 1945 by Paul Boyatzis and Nicholas Pappas

Halstead Press ISBN 1 875684 12 3 - First Published 1995


Article - The Refugees' Stay in Palestine - By Paul Boyatzis


Article - Bombing of Castellorizo/Sinking of SS Empire Patrol - Interviews - Prepared by Paul Boyatzis


Article - Statements From Survivors - Interviews - Prepared by Paul Boyatzis


Article - Fire At Sea - August 1995 - By Maurice Conway Crew Member HMS Trouncer


Article - By William Hay Crew Member HM Submarine Spark


Article - Fire On Board the Empire Patrol - May 1946 by 'Baggage' - Publication 'The Naval Review'


Poem - Empire Patrol - Author unknown - Supplied by Leading Seaman Herbert Bunting of HMS Trouncer


Article - Recollections of Leading Seaman Herbert Bunting Part 1 of HMS Trouncer


Article - Rescue of Survivors from SS Empire Patrol - By J J Gower of HMS Trouncer


Article - Lady Luck - By Terry Hulbert of HMS Devonshire


Article - The Empire Patrol Story - By Katina Verevis (nee Simonides) - survivor


Article - Empire Patrol - By Arthur Athans - survivor


Article - Recollections of Autumn 1945 - By John M Papadimitriou


Poem - The Empire Patrol Disaster 29 September 1945- By George Bafitis


Poem - Dedicated to the tragedy of the Empire Patrol - By Mrs Maria Kyriakou Louka (nee Savva) and Mrs Katina Verevis (nee Simonidi) - survivors


Book - The Knights' Castle on Kastellorizo by John Hemsley Pearn and Vlasis Pitsonis Efstathis






Doctor Paul Boyatzis Collection:

Camp Life - Photo of Wedding Economos Finikiotis to Anna Exintari June 2945 Jerusalem

Rescue - Photo of H.M.S. Trouncer

Commemorations - 5 x Photos of the 40th Anniversary of the Empire Patrol Disaster

Commemorations - 4 x Photos of the Book Launch in Perth of Embers on the Sea

Commemorations - 7 x Photos of the 50th Anniversary of the Empire Patrol Disaster

Perished - 2 x Photos of persons who died

Contributions - Photo of Nicholas Loucas

Contributions - Photo of Maurice Conway (Crew Member of HMS Trouncer)

Contributions - Photo of William (Bill) Hay (Crew Member HM Submarine Spark)

A New Life - Photo of Steve Zervos and Paul Boyatzis on the Misr


Nicholas Pappas Collection:

Homepage - Photo of the MS Rodi

Credits - Photo of Nicholas Pappas

Commemorations - Photo of the Book Launch in Sydney of Embers on the Sea

A New Life - Photo of Maria, George and Evdokia Papanastasiou


Peter Panopoulos (Antonis Moustacas):

Camp Life - 2 x Photos of Castellorizian Refugees at Nuseirat, Gaza


Leon Boyatzis:

Commemorations - 2 x Photos in Castellorizo of the 40th Anniversary Memorial Plaque


Imperial War Museum, London, UK:

Rescue - 4 x Photos from rescue ship HMS Trouncer

Repatriation - Photo of surviving Castellorizians in the hanger of HMS Trouncer


Kastellorizo 1949:

(Book produced by The World Wide Association of Kastellorizians "St Constantine")

Camp Life - 2 x Photos of boys playing at Nuseirat

Rescue - Photo of the Empire Patrol burning with lifeboats in foreground

Commemorations - Photo of the Empire Patrol Memorial Service at Port Said in 1949


Katina Verevis (nee Simonides):

Commemorations - Photo of Katina Verevis (nee Simonides)


Arthur Athans:

Contributions - Photo of Arthur Athans

Return to Castellorizo - Photo of Sea Scouts (Colourised by Pantazi Houlis)


Dalia Ioannides (nee Stavrou):

Return to Castellorizo - Photo of Wedding Panayiotis Stavrou to Glykeria Athanassiou 31 July 1946 Castellorizo


Evangelia Mallis (nee Boyatzis):

Commemorations - Photo of Zabetta Boyatzis (nee Gabriel)

Commemorations - Photo of Evangelia Mallis (nee Boyatzis)


Loula Kakulas (nee Grapsas)

Contributions - Photo of Evdokia Agapitou (nee Mihalaki)


Nicholas Loucas:

Commemorations - Photo of Maria Kyriakou Louka (nee Savva)


Komninos Zervos:

Camp Life - Photo of Wedding Kostas Moustakas to Despo Komninos Zervos Palestine 1945


Michael Houlis:

Contributions - Photo of Michael Houlis


Pantazi Houlis Website:

The Odyssey - Aftermath of the 1943 Bombing

Return to Castellorizo - Photo of Sea Scouts (Colourised by Pantazi Houlis)


Evthokia-Michalakena (Eva) Koutsoukos:

Perished - Photo of Chrisanthi Koutsoukos (nee Samiotis) 1946


Doctor John M Papadimitriou:

Contributions - Photo of Doctor John M Papadimitriou


Byron and Val Kakulas

Commemorations - Photo of Artist working on Sculpture

Commemorations - Photo of Sculpture under construction

Commemorations - Photo of part of the sculpture


Allan R Cresswell:

Homepage - Photo of Allan Cresswell

Credits - Photo of Paul Boyatzis

Credits - Photo of Allan Cresswell

Introduction - Photo of Paul Boyatzis

Contributions - Photo of Paul Boyatzis


Nicholas Kyriacos:

Contributions - Photo of Maria Hatzikyriacos (nee Papanastasiou)


BBC Website - WW2 People's War

Rescue - Photo of Leading Seaman Herbert Bunting


French Magazine - Image:

Repatriation - Photo of Paul and Steve Boyatzis arriving at Port Said

Return to Castellorizo - Photo of full page of the French Magazine Image relating to the Empire Patrol


Google Earth:

Castellorizo - A Backgound of - Photo of an aerial view of Castellorizo


Book - Embers on the Sea:

Castellorizo A Backgound of - Map of Eastern Mediterranean


Source Unknown:

Heading Home - Photo of aerial shot of Empire Patrol on fire

Rescue - Photo of the SS Empire Patrol Ablaze at Night

Return to Castellorizo - Photo of Castellorizo on fire


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